Water Control Structures

Great Lakes Drainage Products offers an easy-to-use system for controlled drainage. PVC stop logs can be adjusted to hold back water to a desired height, or be removed entirely, to allow unrestricted flow.

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Backflow Preventers

Backflow Preventers are fitted to a drainage outlet to prevent discharged water from re-entering a drainage system and potentially flooding crops. Gasketed PVC flaps provide peace of mind, and long lasting protection. Backflow Preventers are available in outlet or inline models.

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Rodent Grates

Without outlet protection, rodents and small animals can enter your drainage system and cause blockage and damage.  Our powder coated Rodent Grates are durable, available in any quantity, and easy to install.

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Stay in Control of Your Resources


At Great Lakes Drainage Products, we aim to assist the agricultural industry with improving the efficiency and quality of their resources, such as stormwater.

We offer a selection of stormwater management and controlled drainage products that have been developed and tested over the past several years, based on technologies that have been in place for decades.

Controlled drainage is quickly becoming a staple in the conservation and agricultural industry. As we see incidents of algal blooms and fish kills increasing, the health of our great lakes has never been more crucial. We provide products that can help you take an ecological approach toward improving our great lakes, and in some cases, your crop yield.




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